Grenada: Five things Visitors must experience when staying on the island.

1. Go to the beach

Every Caribbean island raves about its beaches, but Grenada really does have some of the finest. 


2. Explore the rainforest

Home to the Grenada dove (the national bird), rare Mona monkeys, armadillo (known locally as tatou), a type of opossum known as manicou, and other uncommon animals and birds, as well as all kinds of intriguing plant life, the mist-enshrouded Grand Etang National Park and Forest Reserve is a sense-surround experience of nature in all her glory. Its centrepiece is Lake Grand Etang, once an active volcano. 


3. Take a bite

Grenadian cooking blends African, Asian and European traditions and with so many fresh ingredients on the doorstep, the end result is often memorable.

Calabash is proud to be home to two of the best restaurants on the island. Our aim is to make every effort to ensure that dining is a special event and something to look forward to throughout the day.


4. Enjoy peace and perfection on Sandy Island

Off the west coast of Grenada's sister island Carriacou, Sandy Island is one of the most idillyic places in Grenada.  Accessible by water taxi from the small port in Hillsborough or ferry from St George's, this clichéd Robinson Crusoe-style island off the west side of Hillsborough Bay beckons with a Bounty advertisement-worthy setting – the chocolate ad was actually filmed here!


5. Walk around St. George’s 

The capital of Grenada is underrated in our opinion. The older part of town is quite scenic and worthy of a few mornings or afternoons worth of strolls. Bring your camera — there are some buildings well worth snapping photos of.