Grenada is a diver's paradise and has some of the very best reef and wreck dives in the Eastern Caribbean. With over 30 sites, both novice and experienced divers have a wide variety of exciting underwater excursions to choose from which are all just short distances from the shore – a unique dive experience to Grenada. Some of our best diving spots include the world’s first Underwater Sculpture Park, the Bianca C Ship Wreck, and Flamingo Bay. Our year-round tropical climate makes us a perfect dive destination with water temperatures generally between 75F to 85F. Due to the trade winds between November and February, the temperature tends to be a bit cooler and during our ‘rainy season’ months between June to November we get showers more frequently however they do not often last more than one hour therefore visibility underwater is never greatly affected.

With ScubaTech on property, our guests can easily experience the magical underwater world. ScubaTech is simply your best choice for scuba diving & watersports in Grenada as they excel in high quality individual service, friendly staff, safety and fun – the best ingredients for a perfect holiday!

Your dive instructor, Eveline Verdier, is a member of the Woman Divers Hall of Fame – so you couldn’t be in better hands!

The proud owner and manager of ScubaTech, Eveline began her diving career in 1984 in the lakes of Switzerland and it took off just two years later when she became a Divemaster working in the Maldives. After four years, she moved back to Switzerland where she managed a popular diving school and over the years, amassed diverse diving experience through over 4500 dives all over the world. Three years ago, she settled in Grenada opening her dive shop, ScubaTech, which offers a unique product to the diving industry on island as she focuses on technical diving.   

Her passion for wrecks and deep diving led to her pursuit of technical diving certifications, adding to her impressive portfolio:

PADI Course Director

DSAT Tec Deep Instructor Trainer

DSAT Tec Trimix Instructor Trainer

DSAT Gas Blender Instructor Trainer

DAN Instructor Trainer

SDI/TDI Instructor Trainer (Trimix, OC and CCR)

As well as many Specialty Instructor Trainer ratings (PADI/SDI)

Eveline and her team offer a variety of excursions catering for different interests and the types and costs can be viewed on the ScubaTech website

A typical weekly watersports program at Calabash includes:

  • Five 2 tank dives
  • Three snorkeling and diving trips to Glovers Island (Stingray City)
  • Two snorkleing and diving trips to the Underwater Sculpture Park and Flamingo Bay
  • Two sight seeing trips to HOG Island and Woburn Bay
  • One snorkeling trip to Aquarium Beach
  • Two sunset champagne cruises
  • One sightseeing trip to Saint George’s along the picturesque West Coast of Grenada

About the top Dive Sites:

Underwater Sculpture Park

By far the most popular site for snorkelers, this sculpture park was created in 2006 within a Marine Protected Area (MPA) with the aim of encouraging coral reef re-generation around the nearly 100 sculptures located 4-5metres deep. Sculptor, Jason DeCaires Taylor, created this unique work of art to capture different aspects of our local culture. The ‘Vicissitudes’, for example, one of the main original pieces, encompasses a circle of children holding hands, transformed by nature as they become remodeled by the environment and coral growth, reflecting the changes our children experience in growing up and their adaptability to withstand whatever comes their way. One of the more recent additions, the Nutmeg Princess, was designed after Grenada’s first fairytale princess who represents not only the determination of young Grenadian girls pursuing their dreams but also the ‘Spice Isle’ identity of Grenada as one of the world’s top producers of nutmeg and other spices. 

Flamingo Bay

Up to 250 metres across the sea and 45 metres deep, this MPA is a favourite among snorkelers and divers who are enchanted by the quantity and diversity of beautiful marine life around the reef. Here, barracudas, stingrays and turtles can be spotted amongst the smaller creatures such as sea horses and arrow crabs. The vibrant colours of the coral and sea animals make this a must see for all levels of divers.

Bianca C Ship Wreck

Known as the ‘Titanic of the Caribbean’, the Bianca C was a 600 foot, 22,000 ton cruise liner owned by the Italian Costa Line which sank in 1961 off the coast of Grenada  due to an explosion in the engine room which spread throughout the entire ship. With the exception of two crew members who lost their lives in the explosion, all other passengers and crew were safely evacuated. Sitting 50 metres below the surface, one of the main thrills is diving into one of her upper deck swimming pools.

ScubaTech also offers night diving to specific sites which can be an eerie but thrilling experience! A popular night dive site is the Veronica which is a small freighter approximately 40m long and sitting about 15 metres deep which contains beautiful coral that shows up really well in the with night lights. Schools of damselfish, sergeant majors, creole wrasse and horse eyed jacks can be spotted here along with great barracudas keeping an eye on you.

ScubaTech can take you to a number of other intriguing dive sites which can be viewed here.

If you’re not a certified diver or wish to take your skills to the next level, Eveline has got you covered with a range of courses of varying difficulties to choose from. With your commitment, most can be completed within a few days and before you know it, you’ll be exploring Grenada’s underwater beauty!