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Last chance to win a round trip holiday to Pure Grenada Music Festival next year.

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"Grenada is pure – untouched, unspoiled, unadulterated – and a special part of the appeal surrounding the Pure Grenada Music Festival is its quest to establish a ‘pure approach’ to the music and performances it offers. This means an all embracing philosophy for the art form, with no filtering out of certain music genres. If it has integrity – if it is ‘pure’ music – we will include it.
The festival will have multiple unique venues spread around the country, showcasing the great and diverse beauty of the island. It will feature as many local bands as possible to give their performances a window to the world. It will establish a Legacy to assist in the development of musical talent in Grenada. It will adhere to established Green Rules in order to ensure that all festival venues remain as pure as we found them, and will do everything in its power to offset any potentially negative environmental impact on this magnificent island.
Grenada is unique, and the Pure Grenada Music Festival will offer a unique experience for everyone from the artists, to the audience, to the sponsors, to the people of Grenada as a whole.
Pure Grenada, pure music, pure beauty, pure pleasure."

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