The luckiest 100,000 people on Earth

Grenadian's consider themselves the luckiest 100,000 people on Earth.

We are truely blessed to live on one of the most beautiful island's on earth and we want to share with you the reasons why we think our country is so spectacular.

1. Endless views that you could never get bored of.


2. The friendliest people you'll ever meet.


3. It's safe. You are free to wander where ever you wish and never have to worry.


4. Beautiful beaches. (It's hard to stop staring, isn't it!)


5. But this island has more to offer than just beaches. Our rainforest offers a world of off the beaten track adventure.


6. Waterfalls


7. Crater Lakes (which are unique to Grenada and Dominica) lie in extinct volcanic craters and are shrouded by mysterious stories of a mermaid that lives beneath the surface. 


8. The amazing under water world. Diving is a big deal in Grenada and simply because we have amazing wreck and marine life, not to mention the world's first under water sculpture park. The island is as beautiful above the water as it is below. 


9. Colourful and exciting dining options with seafood so fresh that it's likely to have been swimming that morning!


10. Smiles that last forever. When you arrive in Grenada, you'll know that people are happy here. 



All images have been obtained from Google Images or are property of the Calabash Grenada.