Heaven & Earth Spa

Heaven & Earth Spa

Elegantly placed on the hillside overlooking the bay, the Heaven & Earth Spa has been designed with calm and relaxation in mind.  Each of the three treatment rooms are open air benefiting from calming breezes, while you listen to the sea gently lapping the shore.

At the Heaven & Earth Spa, each treatment is tailor made to your individual needs. Using natural products from the 'Spice Isle' itself, indulge in the sweet frangrances while experienced hands massage away any indication of a stressful life.

Open from Monday to Saturday from 7:00am to 4:00pm

Please call 419 5012 to book or email reservations@calabashgrenada.com


All guests of Calabash Grenada will receive a complimentary foot soak with essential oils from the island when booking any of the below offers

Pamper Package    US$120.00
Which includes a foot soak with essential oils from the island, A Head Neck and Shoulder Massage and a Reflexology treatment     

True Grenada Bliss   US$140.00
Which includes a foot soak with essential oils from the island, Back massage with Hot lava shells and Reflexology

A Head Neck and Shoulder Massage   US$25.00

Calabash Body Scrub    US$50.00


*For every three treatments booked, the fourth treatment – your choice of treatment from the Spa Menu - will be reduced by 50%.

*Special prices apply for Grenadian nationals




Prices are quoted in US$

International Full Body Massage     $150               Back Massage $75
This massage releases tension, eases aches and pains such as tension headaches, stiff shoulders
and lower back pain, using the Swedish techniques of effleurage and petrissage. This
massage is very popular due to its flexibility in adapting to help specific problems.

Combination Full Body Massage      $160               Back Massage $80
This deeper form of manual and mechanical massage stimulates the circulation, helping to
break down lactic acid and improve muscle tome. An excellent treatment for easing tense,
tired muscles and promoting a general feeling of well being.

Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage      $60
The majority of stress is held in the neck and shoulders. Using coconut oil and deep tissue
massage movements helps to relieve this tension.

Heaven & Earth Full Body Massage    $150
Scents of the spices here on Grenada will send your senses reverberating with the invigorating
essences of clove, ginger and nutmeg, all designed to increase blood circulation and energy.
This is a moisturising and revitalising full body massage with the addition of acupressure points
to the scalp

Lymphatic Drainage Massage              $150
This is a gentle massage consisting of movements that act on the lymph circulation, reducing
the stagnation in it that is the cause of swelling. It helps the flow of lymph and carries out an
unblocking action on congested channels.

Aromatherapy Massage                         $200
Using pure essential oils that have unique therapeutic powers, aromatherapy massage rejuvenates
your body and mind. The oils seep into your skin to stimulate and restore, healing you with
their special fragrances.

Indian Head Massage                               $80
One of the main holding sites for tension in the body, is the scalp. At Heaven & Earth we aim to
iron out the stresses and strains of everyday life by firstly massaging the upper back and arms
before going on to the head and face.

Hydrotherm Massage                               $200
No need to lie face down with this massage, nor do you need to turn over. Simply lie on the
mattresses containing warm water, relax and enjoy the pleasures of being massaged whilst
‘floating’ on water.

Hot Lava Shell Massage                           $200
Naturally beautiful, naturally heated and naturally simple. Every shell is a real hand selected
Tiger clam shell from the South Pacific. No hot water, no heavy stones, no toxic chemicals. Lie
back and enjoy the heat generated through the shells in this full body massage. Simply beautiful
and beautifully simple.

Four Hand Spirit Massage                         $150
A full body massage with two Therapists working in unison.

Couples (Training) Massage                    $150
Learn how to give each other a back massage and be able to continue the good work on
each other, long after the holiday.

Golfers Massage                                         $150
A deep tissue massage, using muscle reviving oils. Advice on exercises to keep the body
supple and free from tension will be given.

Special Foot Massage                                $60
Exfoliation from the knees downwards, followed by a stimulating massage using cool menthol oils.

Deluxe Hand and Foot Massage              $150
This includes an exfoliation scrub, nails filed, cuticles treated, a relaxing massage using Hot Lava
Shells to hands, forearms, feet and calves.

Calabash Body Scrub                                 $70
Our signature body scrub is designed to cleanse and exfoliate the body using coconut soap
with a hint of cedar wood. This treatment will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated. An application
of Aloe Vera moisturising cream completes the treatment.

Facial                                                               $100
We will provide a deep cleansing technique, using natural products to suit your skin type, such
as oatmeal, yogurt and aloe vera. Your skin will feel moisturised and rehydrated. Whilst the mask
is on, a soothing arm and hand massage will be given.

Reflexology                                                     $120
The whole of the body is mapped onto the feet. This treatment activates the healing powers of
the body. It reduces stress and induces deep relaxation bringing the body back into balance
and giving you a feeling of well being.

Manicure                                                           $60
The nails are carefully shaped and the cuticles softened. A relaxing hand and arm massage is
followed by an application of polish of your choice.

Pedicure                                                             $80
A relaxing foot soak in the Spa bath followed by cutting of nails, removal of hard skin, cuticles
softened, leg and foot massage and an application of polish of your choice.

Strip wax method is used, followed by an application of cooling Tea Tree cream.
Upper lip                                                             $10
Eyebrow shaping                                               $10
Half leg                                                               $60
Full leg                                                                $125
Bikini Line                                                            $50
Under arm                                                          $30


Believe it all! When you dream of a Caribbean holiday, Calabash Grenada is the place you are seeing in your dreams. Reviewed 5 February 2014
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